General Boat Cleaning

Marine Clean’s General Boat Cleaning Services cover all of your boat detailing needs.


Spray & Scrub 

It’s all about elbow grease! First we wash and scrub the boat with a soft-bristled brush and a marine soap from the rub-rail up.  The non-skid will be scrubbed with a hard brush.   This typically removes all dirt, spider droppings, pollen and any other buildup that may be on the boat.



Upon completion of scrubbing we then dry the boat with clean towels and micro-fibers.


Hatches & Compartments 

The most commonly missed item when having your boat cleaned!!  Every hatch, compartment and seat is lifted and thoroughly cleaned EVERY TIME.


Stainless & Glass

After drying we clean all the windows, stainless, and chrome with an ammonia-free glass cleaner.



All surfaces in the cockpit get wiped down including vacuuming carpet,  cleaning sinks, seats, and canvas.


Dock Area 

What good is a clean boat if your dock is a mess?  With every cleaning,  we wipe down all dock surfaces, get rid of unwanted spider webs and vacuum the carpet.



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